A New Adventure

I went to the lakeside at 7am.

The children were still asleep, my aunt kept an eye on them as she usually would do, every morning, while I had a run and a meditation session by the lake.

But that particular morning three weeks ago I wouldn’t run I had other plans.

I had spent two hours the night before putting down ideas about it.

The alarm rang at 6am. I put on a blue airy Indian shirt and out I went, silently, in the fresh morning wind.

The lake is always beautiful. I know this word, beautiful, is used everywhere but believe me when I say it is truly deserved by that small, round, fresh, volcanic lake in the middle of the Italian peninsula.

I wan born not far from there.

This lake, to me, is the ancestral home. I have many places in the world where I feel deeply at home, safe and happy. But this lake is to me the primordial image of home.

I put a towel on the shore, just about out of reach of the gentle waves.

I stuck my iPhone (quite old and definitely not the last model) between the dark rocks in front of me. I gave my shoulders to the lake so that it was visible in the camera, behind me.

It was my first time recording a video of myself. I had never done anything like that before.

I felt a little (a lot) ridiculous.

I started with an apology (“this is the best I can do in terms of technology right now”), but then I felt gradually more at ease. I knew that I had to do this, in the best possible way. Not perfectly, but in the best possible way.

My message for a more spiritual parenthood is something I deeply believe in. I love my message immensely and I feel it could be beneficial to other people.

I know that motherhood can be a challenge sometimes. I want to share the tools that worked for me.

My vision is to contribute to the birth of a community of like minded parents.

And I felt that a particular course* would have helped me in achieving this. The cost of the course though was too high for me at the moment so I decided to apply for a scholarship.

The video was a requirement for the scholarship application. I had to do it all over again three times. My English was rusty because I had been out of the English-speaking world for five weeks, so sometimes I couldn’t find the right word at the speed the video required. Once, while I recorded, the blissful silence of the lake at dawn was broken by a minicar for the transport of garbage and I couldn’t help but bursting with laugh.

I started again until I was quite happy with the result. It took me one hour to record four minutes of decent quality.

Meanwhile, here and there few passers-by looked at me inquisitively, as by their point of view the telephone was not visible, so it looked like I was talking to the rocks…


Every time, right before recording, a voice inside my head kept saying “Why me? Why should they give their scholarship to me instead of someone else?”. I didn’t ignore the voice. I listened to the voice. And eventually, I answered.

I know why me.
Because I want to serve others.
Because I decided not to stay back.
Because I want to own my message fully and start giving.

I will put all my efforts into promoting a more spiritual parenthood. I know this is something the whole world needs desperately. Happy, spiritual mothers have happy, spiritual children. And this is a recipe for a happy, spiritual tomorrow.


Today, a few weeks after and the last day of my Italian holiday, I received the answer the scholarship is mine.

New adventure ahead! I am happy, grateful, inspired behind words.



* the course is Spirit Junkie Masterclass by Gabrielle Bernstein. I am awesomely grateful to Gabby and her team (particularly Allison Micco) for believing in me and giving me this fantastic opportunity. You are a light to the world guys. Your work is a spiritual bomb.


  1. Tears of joy welling up in my eyes for you upon reading this, for us.

    Yes, your message is sorely needed!

    So proud and blessed to be on this journey with you as a spiritual leader.

    Thank you for sharing your light!

    Heba x


    1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Heba!


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