Art Making Is Mindfulness

When I paint or sculpt, I forget the world. I forget myself.

When I paint or sculpt, I forgive the world. I forgive myself.

This is why I do it.

Sometimes I put my headphones on to activate the process. No tibetan bells for me while I paint, no. Not even white noises of quiet rivers or peacefull raindrops. More like Hozier’s Work Song sort-of-thing. And then I start my journey. Deep inside.

I am not sociable while I paint or sculpt. Don’t-you-talk-to-me. I don’t really connect with other people, in those hours. Actually, I am not aware at all if it is hours, minutes, moments, days. I loose my perceptions. I don’t care about time, about lunch break, about the telephone ringing, about being polite and smiling to the passers-by.

I am not polite while I paint. I don’t need food while I paint (coffee, yes). I am not a nice girl while I paint. No pretty-faced girl.

I dance while I paint. I cry while I paint.

I am myself while I paint.

With all my scars on show. (Mind you, I have plenty.)

With all my mistakes, my failures, with all my fine-lined mind. I am like a lioness staying low in the jungle.

Mindfulness is not necessarily quiet and tranquil. Mindfulness can be fierce and roaring. Mindfulness is looking inside and accepting what you see. Even when you face your monsters. This is mindfulness to me.

When I emerge I am silent. Exhausted. Gratefull for my survival. Happy to be who I am, scars and all.

My first exhibit, Spiritual Geometry, is open now in LLS Cafe in London, Hampstead.


Eleonora Cornel

Where Do You Come From?

Acrylic and acrylic paint marker on canvas, 2016


Eleonora Cornel

Sectio Divina

Acrylic on canvas, 2016


Eleonora Cornel

Singulier Féminin

Acrylic on canvas, 2016


Eleonora Cornel


Oil and gold leaves on canvas, 2016







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