Girl Power

Few Hours Old Baby

That smell. The powdery, rosy smell of new life. She was few hours old, and I was holding her like a koala on my chest, tummy to tummy. The double rhythmical […]


Friendship is deep connection. I visualise friendship as a circle, an energetic circle of communication. It is a source of joy, reassurance, help, a life tool as precious as a […]

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Dépaysement is a French word that indicates that sense of disorientation we feel in a unfamiliar setting, for instance when we are abroad. Noun, de.pɛ.iz.mɑ̃ the feeling of not being at […]

A New Adventure

I went to the lakeside at 7am. The children were still asleep, my aunt kept an eye on them as she usually would do, every morning, while I had a run […]