No More Sugar, Please

You know that feeling of perennial exhaustion and lingering sadness that makes you eat that sugary treat? Have you ever noticed that after the immediate satisfaction of swallowing it, it […]

Child–Friendly Mindfulness

In the fast–paced world we and our children live, finding a moment of stillness can be like discovering a precious stone in the mud. Our children come home from school and […]

Why I Meditate

You never forget the first time you meditated. I was ten or eleven years old. I came across this CD with an orange lotus flower on the cover, and just one guided relaxation on […]

Spiritual Roar

Quantum physics suggests that at the very minuscule level all that there is, all that we are, is energy. It might sound quite new-age-y, but it actually is a dry […]

The Spiritual Babysitter

We know it takes a village to raise children. The thing is, I have been abroad for such a long time that the word “abroad” has lost its original meaning. […]