How it Happened that a Stranger Rubbed my Baby Bump – and I Cherished it

Is it ever a good idea touching or even asking to touch a pregnant woman’s tummy?

The quick answer is – naturally: nope.

In spite of the appearance, I don’t have a wondrous alien sitting on my stomach and you are not the scientist that needs to examine it – my bump is very much part of my body. Mine. Same as my legs, my hair, my armpits and so on. The fact that it carries a baby inside doesn’t make my tummy public space, at all.
Mother Nature put the baby inside for a reason (maybe to prevent too many people from coming into contact with her/him?).

That said, nowadays is widely understood that rubbing a pregnant tummy is rude, at least from the majority of people.

This post however is all about the opposite concept: how sweet it can (occasionally) be to have a complete stranger rub the naked skin of your pregnant bump in a public space.

Sounds horrible, right? Let me tell you a story.

Until few days ago I was at the seaside with my family and my mum’s family.
The setting was paradisiac and I was feeling so rested and in peace with myself, connected with nature, pampered and happy.

One day, while bathing with my daughter in the transparent sea water, I noticed a woman in her mid forties looking sideways at me. She was with a group. The other people in her group treated her with extreme gentleness, as if she were a child. She seemed happy and carefree as a 5 year old. She giggled and splashed around a bit, careful not to annoy anyone, clearly having fun, and kept looking – a bit secretly – at my bump.
I smiled at her.

She summoned the courage to come closer.
“If I had a daughter, she said softly, I would call her Angelica”.
“Beautiful name”, I said.
“When my mum was pregnant I used to sing to the tummy, rubbing it gently. I still remember it”. She looked away shyly.
I asked her if she would have liked to touch my belly. “Really?”, she opened her big brown eyes, full of wonder. I took her hand and put it on my tummy. The baby moved, she felt the movement and couldn’t stop giggling from the excitement.

I met her again, later that day. She came to me to thank me for inviting her to touch my baby bump.
“I will never have a baby. I cannot”, she added. “I hope to meet you and your baby again next year. She will be a lucky baby”, she said with a wink and a smile before we parted, pointing at my tummy.

I am sure she is right.

I am also a lucky girl, meeting many fantastic, gentle human beings on my path.

Sat Nam,


P.S. Here are some more pics of the holidays in Sardina. I just couldn’t resist sharing it with you!

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