Spirit Mommy… with a Little Bump

(…well, not little for long!)

Amazing Friends,

Yes! This is why I have been so quiet in the last couple of months.

The first trimester didn’t come without challenges. I was sort of busy vomiting, you know.

Now I am in my second trimester and feeling gradually better, my energy is coming back, my bump shows and spring is almost here.

Time to stay still, and stare at the many blessings of my life – this pregnancy being the latest addition! I am so happy to share it with you.

My life is full of synchronicity.

For more than two months I have been hiding in my little cave, cocooning myself and this tiny child inside me, not talking much, not feeling very well, not ready for sharing.

Then yesterday the sun was shining, the nausea was better and I went to a great yoga class. Walking around in London people suddenly seemed to be collectively kind – that was the universe telling me that my time for sharing had come.

So I went to my social media page and was amazed to realize that it was the first anniversary of this crazy, precious adventure of Spiritmommy.com!

Time to write a new story, time to start my alignment with a new family setting. I (re)learned that Spirit will always come back. If I stay connected, I will always find my path and my purpose. No matter how many detours. I can learn from any turn, from every encounter, from every corner on my way if I am open and awake and flexible and free from fear.

It is not easy, but it is simple.

In the next few months expect many posts about pregnancy and yoga, meditation in pregnancy, how to cope with managing a pregnancy while having two older children at home (I am still figuring this one out myself to be honest), healthy stuff to eat when expecting – and how not to ask too much of yourself when fatigue, hormones and nausea kick in.

In the meantime, enjoy these fabulous pictures from my first pregnancy photo-shoot with Alexa Roche Photography. Thank you Alex for making me laugh even in the physical discomfort of the early pregnancy!

At the time of these pictures few weeks ago, the baby was as little as the blueberry I am holding.

Now my bump is already bigger!

I will be back soon with fresh new articles. Spiritmommy’s new adventure begins!

Meanwhile, love yourselves. Take good care of yourselves. And smile your little internal smile, always.

Love you.


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