This Cake Is How I Stay Slim (Part 2)

When we rationally, mindfully, not histerically choose to eat something that is full of sugar or fat or not too healthy in general, and this choice is made in special rare occasions and in moderate quantity you know what that’s fine.


Not only it is fine, it is actually healthy!


Here are the reasons :

  • We satisfy and acknowledge our desire of eating it. We listen to ourselves.
  • We avoid an unhealthy emotional drive towards that food. We let it go.
  • We create a space where there are not legit excuses for eating that food on our everyday life.
  • By making it special and rare, we give ourselves permission to go back to our healthy normal good food without feeling the least guilty.
  • When we compare the way our body react to the unhealthy food versus the healthy one, we often learn something about our body. And most of the time, I find myself thinking that I honestly prefer the taste of gluten free porridge to that of croissants… and porridge makes me feel better, fuller for longer, and stronger. I would have missed the chance to note all this positive plus of my daily porridge if I hadn’t had that (many) croissants when on holiday last summer. Win-win.

You will admit that my porridge looks glorious :


Eating bad food daily is what makes us ill and fat. The occasional French cheese slice (one of my favourite) or a slice of a fat pie per month is not going to kill us. But it has to be just one small slice, just occasionally.

On the other hand, drinking fruit juice every day, breakfasting with palm oil-full processed biscuits, crunching salted peanuts on the sofa watching tv at night… well this is likely to slowly make us ill.

Obesity rate is going up every year in the Western world.

Eating disorders are increasing.

Our society’s obsession with fat-free food, which is often packed with sugar in order to be tasty, is not helping. It even demonizes food in general and might have the horrible countereffect that exasperated people tend to binge sooner or later.

If you are dying to eat that super caloric cake, eat it babe! Eat it fiercely and love yourself for it.

Then go back to loving yourself even more and chose to eat healthy food everyday. And sweat it out! Hit the gym, do your daily yoga, go for a run in the park.

To strain ourselves in order not to eat what we really want to eat and then become obsessed with it, is really not a desirable result and it could lead to anxiety, eating disorders or depression.

I’d rather give myself permission to slowly enjoy a panettone over Christmas, or a mozzarella with olive oil and a glass of red wine on a Sunday, or a hot chocolate in a cold gloomy mid-afternoon in February.

Slowly is the key, mindfulness is the attitude.


Love yourself, love your body, listen to it and take good care of it.


Piece of cake!


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