This Cake Is How I Stay Slim (Part 1)

No joking.


This glutinous, sugar-packed, full-butter iced cake is the key ingredient to my good shape.


I had two children not long ago and I am not in my twenties anymore, but I am quite proud of my good shape.

I don’t go to the gym every single day and I am not obsessed with the scale, I actually weight myself just occasionally. My BMI is right on the normal weight line – near to, but not, underweight.

I have kept my weight and shape stable in the past 14 years, after suffering a few years from an eating disorder as a teenager.

And I am really grateful for my healing. I own it. I know how the brain goes when you are obsessed with food, or with the absence of it. I know it very well, so I learned my way on how to manage it.

I quit sugar* for good a couple of years ago, and gluten three years ago, because I found out I am intolerant to it. I don’t eat processed food, or any meal that has been industrially prepared. Lots of veggies and not too much carbs, proteins yes (particularly pre-workout) but red meat just occasionally (once a month roughly, during my period), and all food that can be eaten raw, I prefer to eat it that way, instead of cooking it.

Rule of thumb, if the food looks very similar to what it was once in nature, that’s usually good to eat (an orange, even on the supermarket shelf). If I can’t recognize what it was on its first natural version (a pre-packed chip looks nothing like a potato), I don’t eat it.

No nonsense, no extremism, just common sense.

I tend to eat my last meal of the day very early at night, usually not later than 5:30pm. I have realized that I sleep much better with an empty stomach.

Generally speaking I don’t eat a lot, but I never go hungry either.

That’s how my lunch looked like today :


I simply came to understand the difference between the urge to eat for physical reasons (I am hungry, it is now time to feed my body) and needing to eat for a psychological one (I am sad/tired/unsettled, time to soothe my mind).

This is a very important distinction. In the second instance, I can have a walk, call a friend, do my favourite yoga asanas, drink a glass of water with lemon squeezed in it, or put some music and dance wildly in my living room.

So how it comes that the slice of glutinous, sugar-packed, full-butter iced cake is the key ingredient to my good shape?

Because occasionally, very occasionally, I eat it.

And I savour every crumble of it.


It is not a sin. It is a magic trick.

When I give myself a break from my healthy habits ten times per year, or even twenty times per year (evenly spread, though, not one after the other), I found it easier in everyday life to appreciate simple and healthy food choices.

And my healthy food choices then are more a choice, and less a self-imposition.


Please come back next week for part two of this post, where I will explain how the cake magic trick works!





*I quit sugar with Sarah Wilson’s IQS 8 weeks programme. I actually repeated the programme few times over the years, because I wanted to learn more new sugar-free recipes and keep up with my motivation. I also invited onboard the no sugar diet my all family, children included. They still eat some sugar here and there, but less so than before.


  1. Loved your story. I’m inspired by Sarah too. I will continue IQS to learn and get more recipes and ideas to adapt to this many favourite recipes. I don’t miss sugar or junk or my obsession with calorie counting and weighing myself.


    1. Thank you Judith for your nice words!


  2. Hi, you make so much sense as I started Sarah Wilsons IQS a couple of months back and it’s quit amazing how you don’t miss sugar…thank you for your lovely recipes


    1. Thank you Pam! I would really like to share some of my fav IQS recipes and planning to do it soon. Probably starting a new category about quitting sugar. The blog is still very new and every feedback is highly appreciated. Thanks a million for taking the time to comment.


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