Vegan Man

He’s never been one for a gradual approach to things.

One day, at the end of last winter, he became a vegan.

He didn’t come to me, listen honey, I thought so and so and well… No. Not him. He started using my nutribullet like mad, producing kale-and-blueberries-based concoctions that made me secretly frown. He changed his life-style and decided that it was about time for him to start to cook vegan dishes.

He didn’t know how to cook at all. I don’t mean that he wasn’t particularly skilled or that he didn’t know many elaborated recipes – I mean he was not even up to the task of cutting an onion.

He guessed if something is healthy, so it must be tasty and go well with other healthy tasty ingredients, right? so at first he tried mixing super foods the one with the other, with fantastically uneatable results, like poo-colored smoothies where bananas met beetroots and brussels sprouts, with a hint of goji berries and half an aubergine. And lots of kale, always. Never forgets the kale, John. And that irregularly cut onion? Won’t you throw it as well into the delicious smoothie?

He survived on very badly cooked very healthy ingredients for months, with a brave grin on his face when I asked – slightly perplexed – is it good? until one day he couldn’t take it any more. He is a martial artist and his nutritional needs are very high, especially when it comes to proteins intake. He was having a hard time with his training. And that food was quite disgusting, he said. You need food that is healthy and tasty, I told him one thousand times.

Fast forward two more months of painful experiments involving the sacrifice of innocent vegetables and grains and tons of lentils.  One day at the end of August while in holiday in Pisa, Italy we found a book called Vegan Man – The Perfect Recipe Book for Athletes and Sport Lovers*. Bang.

The author is Fabrizio Bartoli, an Italian champion of Cross triathlon – a three-stage race where you swim, then you mountain-bike and finally you trail-run. Pretty intense stuff. And he does it all without eating any animal product.

John was inspired. And our culinary life has never been happier.

Look at these pictures of few examples of what my husband was able to cook simply by (slowly, accurately) following the book’s instructions:


Leghourn-style seitan




Caesar salad with sesame tofu




Almond milk porridge with seasonal fruit and nuts



As you can see, he’s got all the essentials 😉


*The book is in Italian and the original title is Vegan Man – Il manuale vegan perfetto per atleti, appassionati e sportivi dilettanti.

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