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Snot-Nosed Kids • flu2

Snot-Nosed Kids

Did you know that, on average, kids get 10-12 colds per year? A cold can be anything from a snotty nose for a day to a full-blown fever, aches, congestion, wheezing, or cough. The cough from some colds can last up to 4 weeks. For my littlest one, this meant her first two winters pretty … Read more

When Something’s Wrong with Baby • swaddling2

When Something’s Wrong with Baby

The realization that something might be wrong with your perfect little bundle of joy can be devastating. Whether you’re worried about a birth defect, developmental delay, or hearing or vision issue, medical issues with baby can seem daunting and overwhelming to new parents. I was once scared to death by hospital residents, uttering words like … Read more

Something about Teething • teething Teething

Something about Teething

A friend’s baby had the scariest looking teething experience I have ever seen. He had gums smeared with blood and gore as four teeth popped through simultaneously. It made even my steel stomach jump. Thankfully it was short-lived, and he was a happy baby despite the gore. In the 1800s, some people believed teething could cause death. … Read more

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