Baby Sprinkle Gift Ideas

A “baby sprinkle” is an increasingly popular practice. It’s a low-key baby shower for a woman’s second, third, or further pregnancy. It’s a great way to celebrate the new baby for those who don’t think an all-out baby shower is appropriate for any but the first baby.

The idea is that during a baby shower for her first baby, the mother-to-be needs lots of gifts. For her next baby, she has most of the things she needs already, so now she only needs a “sprinkle” of gifts. The mother may or may not have a gift registry for her baby sprinkle, and if she doesn’t, you may be having a hard time thinking of gifts to get.

Here’s a list of some great baby sprinkle gift ideas.

Updated Baby Items

The mother probably has most of the big baby items from her previous baby. However, some things may have been recalled, or may not be useable anymore.

For example, car seats are no longer useable a certain number of years after the manufacture date. And there are also items that may have been updated and improved since her first pregnancy.

Find out from the dad or other close family members which baby items may need updating.

“Luxury” Items

There may be some luxury baby items the mother didn’t have with her first baby. Since she has all of the basics from her first, you can get her something extra.

For example, she might have not had a baby swing or a rocking chair with her first baby and would appreciate these gifts for her next baby.

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Especially if the new baby is of the opposite gender than the previous child(ren), the mother will need some new clothes.

If the new baby is of the same gender, the parents will probably have a stash of clothes already from their previous child(ren).

However, they may still appreciate having a few new clothes for their new baby instead of dressing him or her in all hand-me-downs.

Diapers and Wipes

These are always needed by a new parent and so are great gift ideas. Keep in mind that many parents these days are choosing to cloth diaper their babies, so ask which type of diapers are preferred if you are unsure which type the parents plan to use.

If they are cloth diapering, ask which type of cloth diapers they prefer because there are many choices.

Memory Books, Calendars, and Journals

These are one thing that a mother needs a new one of for each baby. Already busy with her first child or children, the mother may have not the time to get a memory book or baby’s first year calendar for the baby on the way. Getting these for her will encourage her to fill them out.

Gift Card to a Baby Store

Finally, a gift card to a baby store is a good gift because it gives the parents free reign to buy whatever items they need or want for the new baby.

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