9 Important Features to Look Out for a Baby Monitor

Some of the essential features for baby monitors include the range of coverage, night camera, sleep mode, shutdown warning, video monitoring, mobile accessibility, portability, and withstanding interference.

As mothers, the safety of our children is the most important thing. When they are tiny, it will be essential to have the baby monitor that will keep them under monitoring. You can move around the house with the monitor, knowing that your baby is okay in her room.

If you want to be confident while your infant is sleeping or playing, there is nothing better than checking with a baby monitor. Some fundamental characteristics should incorporate baby monitors like the range of coverage, the sharpness in the audio and video, or 2-way talk.

Below are ten essential features to look out for baby monitors.

Audio baby monitors

The monitor has to transmit all the sounds that the baby makes very clear. So if your baby is going to nap, you can put him down and do your housework. If your son makes any sound, you will hear it immediately.

Breadth of coverage

If you’re living in a small apartment, you will not need a baby monitor to have a great reach. But, if you’re living in a big house or planning to go out, it’s a good idea to choose a baby monitor with a wide coverage radius.

Practicality and portability

Some monitors have a small clip to be hung from the clothes. It is convenient if you’re doing housework gardening tasks while the baby is napping.

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Monitor with video

If you choose on a monitor with a video feature, make sure it also gives good sound quality, so you do not have to be stuck to the monitor.

Night camera

All baby monitors must have an infrared camera to see the baby in the night.

Sync with your mobile

In this day and age, every parent wants to see their new baby anytime and anywhere. Therefore, a device with Wifi connection to display on the phone screen is essential.

For those who go out for work and leave the baby with the baby-sitter, seeing your little one from the mobile anywhere is very helpful.

Sleep mode option

Some baby monitors include sleep mode to improve their autonomy when they are disconnected from the current. With this feature, the screen only turns on if the camera recognizes any sound or movement.

Shutdown warning

A monitor has to alerts you when the device is out of battery. Some baby monitors can automatically switch to battery operation or rechargeable batteries in an unexpected power cut.


Some models have lights that turn on progressively according to the sound at the baby’s end.

This feature is handy if we are in a noisy environment like other children playing or music.

It assures us that we can realize that the baby has woken up by listening to the sound transmitted by the monitor and the lights that come on and attract attention.

Choose a baby monitor model according to your family’s needs, and enjoy the peace of mind of being always attentive to your baby when he sleeps. We know that as parents, you always want the best for your little ones. But remember not always the most expensive is the best.

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