Create Special Memory Keepsakes During Baby’s First Year of Life

Mothers can create special memories during their baby’s first year of life, and you don’t want to miss out on the opportunities that could slip by so fast, and you regret that you didn’t get that one photo or didn’t do that one thing you wanted to do.

During the first year of your newborn baby’s life, you will want to take some time and create some memories for you and your baby to cherish when they are older. A mother’s job can be very tiring during the first year of taking care of a new baby, and creating special memories during this time takes planning, time, and being diligent in creating these special gifts for your baby to show them when they get older.

Here are some special memory gifts that you can create for your baby during their first year.

Daily Baby Journal

Keeping a baby journal from the day of birth until they are one year old will create special, cherished memories that they can read when they are older. They will be able to read how you were feeling on certain days during their first year and what they were doing and any milestones.

I remember my first year with each of my babies, and keeping a baby journal daily is not easy. You have to be very diligent and write in your baby journal each night.

This can be as simple as getting a notebook and writing the date at the top of each page and writing how you feel about your baby, what both of you did that day and what the family was doing.

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Baby’s First Year Calendar

Starting with the day they were born, every month on that same day, take a picture of them for your baby’s personalized first-year baby calendar.

If your baby is born on February 20, take your next photo on March 20 and every 30 days after that. You can make a baby calendar showing their photo and what they looked like during that month.

Cast the hands or feet of your baby

Casting your baby’s hands or feet in 3D will make a lasting impression of how little their hands and feet were. Your baby will grow fast, and you don’t want to lose the opportunity to cast their hands for feet. “Casting Keepsakes” is a great place to buy casting kits to do it at home. This is something to think about doing before time runs out, and their little hands turn into big hands.

Baby Trinket Box Holder

A Baby Trinket Box Holder is something you will want to have to keep all your little memories inside of your newborn baby. The little diaper from the hospital, the hospital bracelets of mom and baby, baby’s first hat in the hospital, the first photo in the hospital, baby’s first footprint from the hospital, and anything that is special that you want to keep of your newborn to cherish later in life.

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