How Many Baby Bottles Do You Need

Nothing is bound to bring more joy to a home than a newborn baby. This brand new member of the family is a real pleasure but comes with responsibilities. You will need to care for the child more than you do to other family members.

If you are not breastfeeding, you will have to do bottle-feeding. So, wondering how many baby bottles do I need to buy? Find out now from this article.

When shopping, you do not just pick up the first baby bottle which you come across. Bottles are different, so you need to pick the right one. Go for one with your essential qualities. How easy is it to clean? Is it eco-friendly? It is all about finding a bottle that works. 

How to choose a bottle for baby

Shape and size

It is the first thing to notice on a baby bottle. There are various shapes and sizes from which you have to pick from. Some are easier with feeding, and others are easier to clean. However, none of that has a dramatic effect on the bottle’s usability.

You should expect the best performance and quality from any bottle, regardless of size or shape. It has to fit you and your baby’s feeding behavior. Further, the bottle has to suit you and your newborn’s feeding. It is not that hard to find something which works.


Another concern when shopping for baby bottles is material. There are bottles in various materials, including plastic, stainless steel, and glass. Get what is best for you after thinking about your priorities.

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The most common material is plastic. It is safe if it’s BPA free though glass material is more eco-friendly. Glass bottles are breakable and more massive, so weigh your options right. Go for content based on what you feel will work best for your household and baby. What material will work seamlessly into your life?

You can try out different types of bottles to make your judgment. Experimenting might help you find the best choice. Keep in mind that babies are different.

What worked for one child might not work for the other. So, not all bottles work equally. You can purchase a variety of bottles for experimenting. With time and use, it will be a breeze to figure out which kind of bottle cuts. Then you can purchase more of that kind.

How Many Baby Bottles Do I Need To Buy?

How Many Baby Bottles Do You Need • bottle bottle

Are you planning to breastfed or bottle-feed? You must be wondering how many bottles you will have to buy. The chances are high that you will need to use baby bottles at some stage, even if you planned to breastfeed. So you can use this guide on how many bottles to buy according to size, age, and needs.

It can get quite complicating when planning for a baby. Each is born with different weights, sizes, and lengths. So, they have a different appetite. Some babies will only take small intervals regularly regardless of whether it is day or night. Some might need larger drinks only during the day.

A stalemate comes when deciding on which bottles to buy. You would not want to spend a fortune on bottles to be used for only a month or two. Of course, no one would wish to purchase a lot of bottles when the baby is to use two or three.

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Size and number matters

The number of baby bottles to buy can range from 4 to 12. However, it depends on whether you are going to breastfeed or bottle-feed your baby primarily.  You can begin with 4-ounce bottles. There are better for small amounts of breast milk or formula for newborns to feed in one sitting.

Useful Tip:

When babies are not around their mothers, they tend to eat less. It is called the reverse cycle. Thus, does your child usually have four feeds in a seven-hour period? Do not get surprised when he takes only 2-3 bottles when you leave him under care.

Number of bottles when breastfeeding

Are you planning to breastfeed the baby? Well, it is not a bad idea to have plan B. imagine if you have to visit the grocery or you have a night out. Having an expressing kit with bottles will ease your planning.

If you are a stay at home mom and you are planning to go out for dinner lasting a few hours, two bottles might help. However, three bottles are a safe bet.

Do you take your baby to daycare regularly? Then, you need enough bottles, which will cover the entire time our baby is in care. They should not be reused. Many daycare centers might ask that you send pre-made bottles for safety and legal concerns.

You will need about one bottle each two and a half hours you will leave the baby under care. However, keep an extra one just in case.

Useful Tip:

It is essential to sterilize the baby’s bottles not until he makes about six to nine months of age.

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Bottles when not breastfeeding

When your child is on formula since birth, the number of bottles you will use varies. There are two factors to put into consideration if you are to get the number of bottles you will need. These include:

  1. Number of times you plan to wash and sterilize the bottles
  2. Whether you are to make many bottles in advance or to make one immediate when required

If you are a stay at home mom, three bottles are a good number. However, the above two factors are likely to influence the right amount you will need. Are you planning to make the bottles in advance? Then, you can buy one bottle every two and a half hours. 

 For the baby who goes to daycare, one bottle for each two and a half hours might be enough. However, keep some spares at home. It will be beneficial just in case you are too busy or not in the best moods to sterilize the bottles.

How to choose a baby bottle size?

Baby bottles come in various sizes. Therefore, you have to mind the right bottle size. Babies require more formula or breast milk as they grow older. It is a wise decision that you buy bottles of various sizes.

Buy a few bottles in each size range. Baby bottles come in sizes like the ones below:

  • 125 mL for newborns
  • 260 mL for six months
  • 325 mL for older babies

I hope the article has answered your question on the number of bottles to buy for your child. Have you enjoyed this article? Thank you! Take a moment to share it so others can find too. Or tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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