Number of Swaddling Blankets

Are you guilty of compulsive shopping? Yes, I was one of those first-time moms who had the tendencies to fill my shopping cart with baby stuff. How can you resist those items with such cute designs and eye-catching colors? Tough. I know. Before you know it, you have a room full of things your baby won’t use.

I am glad that being my nursery gets inundated with unnecessary baby items. I was able to do some research on how to go baby shopping in the most practical ways. I managed to answer several questions – from what I should buy to more specific subjects like — how many swaddling blankets do I need?

One of the necessary baby items you need to have on your shopping list is a set of swaddling blankets. The question you need to answer now is how many do you need and why. Let me share with you what I have learned after researching and discussing with other mommies like me.

Why Purchase Swaddling Blankets

Understanding what swaddling does to your baby can help you determine why you need to purchase them and how many to buy. Swaddling provides warmth and security to your little child. It can prevent her from getting disturbed by her reflex when she gets startled.

Moreover, swaddling can help her sleep longer and stay calmer. Besides, swaddling also eliminates other comfort items ( e.g., stuffed animals, bumpers, pillows, etc.). These items tend to crowd the crib, which is one factor associated with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

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How to Determine the Number of Swaddling Blankets to Purchase

Your activity or personal preference is one of the deciding factors in finding out how many blankets to include on your shopping list. One question to ask yourself is, – am I going to do the laundry every day? If so, then a minimum of 4 swaddle blankets is required.

The principle behind this number is based on the number of times you will have to feed your baby per day. Newborns need to be fed every 2 -3 hours or, on average, about 7-9 times in one day. There is a good chance that half of this feeding will result in a dirty or wet blanket, and it would be good to have at least four blankets to use.

However, if you are a busy mom who does not have extra time in their hands, having 12 swaddling blankets is recommended. This would allow you to have some extra blankets to use when laundry time is limited. Moreover, as these blankets can also be used for multiple uses, it would help some extra at home.

Why Buying More than a Dozen Could Be a Waste of Money

Swaddling a baby has its limits too. If you purchased one too many swaddling blankets, you would find that it could just be a waste of money. One reason for that is that at some point, you will swaddle her less. Thus, you will be using the blankets less and less as she gets older.

To be more precise, you would have to stop swaddling your little by the baby when she’s all awake at age one month. At this age, swaddling could interfere with her development and mobility. However, you can still swaddle her during nighttime or while she naps if it is more comfortable for her to sleep.

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Also, when your baby reaches two months old, you would have to stop swaddling her completely. This is as per the recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Moreover, swaddling has been discouraged at this age as it could cause hip problems in babies.

Choosing the Right Swaddling Blankets

Now that you know how many blankets you should get for your baby, you also need to understand how to select the good one. One of the options is to choose from the traditional types or non-traditional types. The traditional ones are those regular blankets that would require you some swaddling techniques to learn.

On the other hand, you may opt to go for something more non-traditional ones, which may come with velcro and leg pouches for ease of diaper change and leg rooms. If you are not confident with your swaddling skills, a sleep sack can also be an alternative.

One benefit of using a sleep sack is that such a product is also designed for older babies. Modern sleep sacks also let moms swaddle their babies in three different ways without any difficulty. Moreover, there are now hospitals using sleep sacks for newborn babies.

When choosing the swaddling blankets, it is imperative to consider the size of your baby and the type of fabric used in the sleep sack or blanket. This would immensely help you maximize the comfort of a baby when being swaddled.


First-time parents can get too excited when shopping for baby items. However, it is essential to know that baby stuff would only be needed for a limited time since children would eventually outgrow them.

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For swaddling blankets, it would be helpful to assess yourself before purchasing. As mentioned above, check whether you do have time to do the laundry more often if you do not wish to purchase more than four blankets. Also, you need to know whether you are comfortable in swaddling your babies. Otherwise, check for other, more convenient options.

I certainly hope that you enjoyed my tips as much as I enjoyed writing them for you. You could start checking reviews or discussing with moms who have had the same problem in the past. While money can be a factor, it would be more practical to check other parents’ experiences before going on a shopping spree.

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