Number of Swaddling Blankets • swaddling2

Number of Swaddling Blankets

Are you guilty of compulsive shopping? Yes, I was one of those first-time moms who had the tendencies to fill my shopping cart with baby stuff. How can you resist those items with such cute designs and eye-catching colors? Tough. I know. Before you know it, you have a room full of things your baby won’t … Read more

5 Benefits of Having Children in Later Life

Do you think it’s too late to have a baby? There are a lot of pressures on mothers and fathers to have children at a very young age. It seems as though there has been a baby boom of late, but it’s not so much with the younger generation, but the more mature generation. Many say … Read more

Coconut Oil for Baby Acne • acne

Coconut Oil for Baby Acne

Just like teens and adults, babies too are prone to acne. Approximately 20% of toddlers and infants get acne. It can get discomforting if you don’t give your little one proper care and attention is not given appropriately. This article seeks to enlighten why coconut oil is the best remedy for baby acne. Babies get … Read more

Gifts For Expecting Moms • gift

Gifts For Expecting Moms

With another little girl on the way, I’ve been doing a lot of window shopping lately. As an expecting mom, I feel like I always have people asking me what I need or want for the little one, and I remember how daunting it was before I had kids to figure out what to get … Read more

Support Your Baby to Crawl • crawl crawl

Support Your Baby to Crawl

Children usually begin to crawl when they are about 4 to 10 months old. Is your child in this range? Then, crawling is not far away. However, it does not always apply to all infants. Some never master how to crawl. Instead, they go from sitting to standing, then walking. Is your baby among these? … Read more

Baby Sprinkle Gift Ideas • gift sprinkle

Baby Sprinkle Gift Ideas

A “baby sprinkle” is an increasingly popular practice. It’s a low-key baby shower for a woman’s second, third, or further pregnancy. It’s a great way to celebrate the new baby for those who don’t think an all-out baby shower is appropriate for any but the first baby. The idea is that during a baby shower … Read more

Taking Perfect Newborn Baby Photos • baby sleeping

Taking Perfect Newborn Baby Photos

Taking perfect newborn baby photos is simple once you are know-how. If it feels like you never get it right, it’s probably just a matter of making a few simple changes. I was lucky enough to have taken several photography classes before my kids came along. You don’t need expensive equipment or education to take beautiful pictures … Read more

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