Save Money on Baby Diapers

Let’s face it. As parents in this economy, it’s a struggle to afford all the necessary items your baby needs, from diapers to wipes, clothes to food, doctor’s appointments to car seats, and so much more. And that’s just with one child!

As prices continue to rise, many parents are looking for ways to save money on baby basics, especially diapers – one of the biggest expenses for parents of little ones. A single jumbo box alone can cost over $20, making each trip to the store more and more intimidating. But look no further – the following are six ways to save money on baby diapers (and lose some of that anxiety):

Register with diaper brands online

Every baby-oriented company has a website, from Pampers to Luvs, Huggies and more. Visit each brand’s website and register as a member. You may be sent promotional emails, be eligible for sweepstakes, find online coupons, and participate in rewards programs.

Save Money on Baby Diapers

Sign up with a diaper subscription service

Websites, such as AmazonFamily, allow parents to subscribe to a diaper service, which will regularly ship diapers (usually with free shipping) for a deeply discounted rate. You pay with your credit card, and automatically receive your deliveries until you end your subscription.

Become an extreme couponer

The next time you get weekly sales circulars in your mailbox or newspaper, don’t toss them immediately in the trashcan. They actually serve a purpose when it comes to saving money on baby diapers. Look through each store’s circulars to see what their weekly deals are on baby items; you may find a great deal on a name brand, like Pampers, that makes it cheaper than a store brand.

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Pair the store’s weekly deals with coupons you already have. Coupons can be found in stores’ baby aisles, on diaper and wipe boxes, in magazines and the paper, and most importantly – online. Visit, SmartSource, RedPlum and CouponNetwork for free, legitimate, printable coupons.

Also check for in-store promotions on diapers, such as “Buy 1 box of Huggies, get 1 free” or “Buy 1 Luvs, get back a $2 Reward.” Once you start paying attention to a store’s promotions, you’ll start saving money like never before.

Sign up with local retailers, both online and in-store

Most major retail stores have their own websites and shopper rewards programs. Drugstores, like CVS and RiteAid, both have member rewards cards which provide members-only deals, give back cash rewards toward your next purchase, and other incentives. Many other grocers and retailers, like Giant Eagle and KMart, also provide shopper rewards cards to members.

Besides signing up for a card, visit a store’s website and enjoy even more incentives. Grocery retailer Giant Eagle’s website contains additional coupons called e-offers that are applied directly to your Advantage card, which can be stacked with manufacturer’s coupons. Similarly, Target, RiteAid and Walgreens also have online coupons that can be printed right off their websites.

Follow money-saving mom blogs

When you’re browsing the web, stop by SpiritMom to check out the latest deals. Sites like this one all match up the coupons and deals for you. All you have to do is check out their lists, then go save money shopping for baby diapers.

Consider store brand baby items

Some moms swear by store brand diapers, buying only the Target or KMart variety. Other parents save money by purchasing store brand for the daytime, and only using a name brand diaper for overnight.

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If you haven’t before, purchase a package of store diapers to try them out and compare. If you’re a Huggies devotee, don’t go into it with the expectation that Walmart’s “Parent‘s Choice” diapers are going to match the quality level. Simply balance out your expectations with the amount of money you are saving.

Having a baby is full of joy, excitement and life-changing wonder; it also brings in a bunch of expenses for new parents. Try out these six ways to be thrifty, and see how much money you save on those frequent diaper runs. You’ll be surprised how much cheaper you can buy diapers once you start researching!

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