Simple Ways for Single Moms to Save

Being a single mom can be extremely tough financially speaking, because there are so many expenses that we have to consider, and then times it by the number of children we have and are raising on our own.

If we put our expenses into different categories though, it makes it easier to understand where our money goes, and to see where we can save money too. This is because there are other expenses also out there that we may need to re-evaluate and see whether or not we can cut down or cut back in those areas.

Below, I have summarized various expenses into the most common topics we understand when it comes to bills and such, in order for you to learn how to find ways to save money today!


There are general expenses that we have such as buying clothes, spending money on beauty products and services, subscribing to newsletters or tv channels such as Netflix that we can actually find ways to cut back on.

For example, we can avoid spending too much money on new clothes, and even shop at OP shops/thrift stores, cut back on beauty products (or wait for sales), cut back on subscriptions, setting up your own gym at home instead of paying for a gym membership elsewhere, and save money on other beauty/personal services by doing things yourself or not needing to do them at all (i.e., waxing, eyebrow threading, dying hair).

There are even free services that you can take advantage of such as going to a hairdressing school and getting a student to cut your hair for free.

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There are several ways to save money at home by replacing standard personal and domestic products with natural remedies.

Additionally speaking, other ideas on how to save money under this category includes becoming more minimalistic regarding owning household items and furniture (thus selling unused furniture and household items), moving in to a smaller house, making your own vegetable garden, or using pots, and changing the shower head to a low flow one, or changing the lightbulbs to be more eco-friendly, thus saving money on electricity.


Last week I wrote about the most effective tactic for anyone to use in order to save money on food.

Food can be quite expensive, but there are so many ways around this. A few ideas include: using coupons, buying in bulk, buying cheaper brands, taking advantage of midweek or other specials at the grocery store, buying local, fresh produce at the markets and attending later on in the day when they usually reduce their prices, and meal prepping/freezing food for later, for long term use.

Furthermore, we need to cut back on junk food, snacks, take out and restaurant meals!


Bills can easily be reduced with the right tactics and frame of mind.

For instance, you need to dedicate the time to researching for cheaper options regarding your electricity/water/gas suppliers and transferring your service with them, switching phone and internet providers too in order to save money or even just using your phone with data and having no house phone or internet.

Monitor your electricity and water usage, being more vigilant, and cancel off any unused memberships. Don’t forget this also: if you have a credit card, try to cut back or cancel it completely! The last thing you need is to be in debt because you are constantly owing back the money you spent plus interest!

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We all have our wants and needs regarding our social lives, catching up with friends for a coffee or meal. These expenses can easily add up, so we have to be more conservative regarding our social expenses.

For instance, grabbing a coffee with someone is cheaper than going out for lunch or dinner, having a movie night in saves you a tonne of money verses going out to the cinemas, and making your own gifts can work our cheaper than buying them at the store.

If you enjoy travelling, fly midweek and use air bnb, or even consider road trips and camping. You know what you can handle or enjoy whilst also saving money too!


Last, but not least, our children.

There are ways to save money and here are a few examples. When purchasing things such as diapers, wipes, towels, sheets, pacifiers and bottles, there are cheaper options, and there are ways to save when buying in bulk too (moreso just for diapers and wipes).

If you want to go down the path of cloth diapering, that is cheaper in the long term. Breastfeeding is free! Versus formula. There’s no need to spend heaps on clothing and toys especially when you can buy second hand. For the other children, save money by attending playgroups or free local events at the library, park etc, and learn to make your own crafty playtime toys and such.

Overall, there are several different ways for us single moms to save money, in various aspects of our lives. We just have to be open-minded, vigilant, and determined. I really hope that these ideas that I have presented to you, in each of these popular categories will guide you to being more financially stable.

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