Taking Perfect Newborn Baby Photos

Taking perfect newborn baby photos is simple once you are know-how. If it feels like you never get it right, it’s probably just a matter of making a few simple changes.

I was lucky enough to have taken several photography classes before my kids came along. You don’t need expensive equipment or education to take beautiful pictures of your newborn baby.

Just follow these five essential tips.

Bring it to their level

Taking photos from your level puts the baby in a bad light. Your position will impact everything about the shot. For instance, standing and shooting downwards casts shadows on your baby’s face.

If you want perfect baby newborn photos, try sitting or kneeling to take them. Face your newborn head-on for the cutest, most flattering shots.

Prop them up

No matter what level you are taking a newborn baby photo from, you will cast shadows on their face if you don’t prop them up. You can do this most efficiently and safely by having someone hold them.

If you don’t want the other person in the picture, have them sit baby on their lap with a blanket surrounding them. This way, you can shoot the photo head-on and zoom in. Dark-colored blankets and clothing work best. They cause less reflection and glare.

Fill the frame

Limiting background objects is the way to go for perfect newborn baby photos. Babies become easily dwarfed by backgrounds. Photographs of newborns look best when you fill the frame with your subject. For frontal views, center your baby in the frame. For side views, turn and position the baby in the frame, slightly to the left or right, depending on their good side. Even newborn babies have a good and bad side. Not sure what it is? Take both views.

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Keep calm for perfect newborn baby photos

Don’t get excited and jiggle the camera. Getting all worked up is disquieting for newborn babies. It also makes for terrible photos. When your baby is projecting the image you want to capture, steady your hands on the camera. Squeeze the shutter button firmly and slowly. A steady hand and eye produce perfect baby photos.

Newborn babies don’t smile for the camera

They haven’t learned how yet. Still, you have to be sensitive to their moods. Sometimes they’re just not ready for a photo when you are. Consider waiting for another day if the baby is fussy. Newborn babies have bad moods, just like big people. Plan your photo shoots around them for perfect baby photos.

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