Temperature for Baby’s Bath Water

First-time mother? You may be wondering what temperature should you make bath water for a baby. With a little arrangement and a gentle hand, you can give your baby a great bath.


If you clean your baby at diaper changes, daily bathing isn’t needed. During the first year, three baths per week are fine. (1) (2)

When your baby starts crawling, she needs bathing more often.

Until your baby figures out how to use the spoon, you should bathe the baby daily.


Every infant has a difference in the ideal bath water temperature.

We recommend the bathwater’s temperature between 90 and 100 degrees F.

You can test the water by inserting your elbow or your wrist into the water. Do not use your hand to check the water temperature; the hand is less sensitive than the wrist.

To be more confident, you should use a thermometer to check the temperature. Some tools can help measure the bathwater are built into toys or the baby tub itself.

It would be best if you never relied solely on them in case it is faulty. Even if the device shows an acceptable temperature, you should recheck by inserting an elbow or wrist before placing your baby in the water.

Temperature for Baby’s Bath Water • bath 2 temperature


If the water is too hot, it may scald or burn your baby’s skin. Her skin should not be red after the bath. If the water is cool, your baby may shiver, or her finger may turn blue.

Your baby may cry when you put her into the tub or cry the whole time. This behavior may indicate the temperature is too cold or too hot, or your baby doesn’t like the bath.

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Besides making the bath water comfortable, you should try to bathe your baby in a warm, closed room. It’s great if the room temperature is between 70 and 80 F. After the bath, dry off the baby to prevent coldness.

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