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VTech DM221 Baby Monitor Review

The Vtech DM211 baby monitor is affordable with many more features than the typical product in this price range. This baby monitor has sound activation and a two-way talk feature – two of the most queried after features when purchasing a baby monitor. This monitor has excellent sound quality, although it doesn’t provide video feature.

The DM221 gives you a secure and crystal-clear transmission. This one is a great, budget-friendly choice for parents looking to get a trustworthy baby monitor that is reliable and provides excellent sound quality. If you consider this baby monitor, keep reading to find out more about it and what it has to offer.

Vtech DM221 Baby Monitor – Everything you need to know

The Vtech DM221 baby monitor is a basic monitor with some modern features included. Although not the most advanced model in the market, it is a reliable choice for all the necessary features you need from a baby monitor.

Compared to competitors in the same segment, it provides clear and loud audio quality. It uses encrypted and secures wireless DECT 6.0 transmission without using Wi-Fi, which provides extra security and privacy for your family. The transmitter can expand for two parent units so that you can use it simultaneously as the baby’s nanny.

Who is this baby monitor for?

If you are looking for a modern monitor with video and audio, Vtech DM221 is not the ideal product.

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If you are looking for an affordable yet good quality baby monitor, this product is an excellent choice.

Every parent can use it without a user manual. It also does not have unnecessary extra features to confuse you.

What’s included?

The Vtech DM221 is packed with three units, and each one has a charging cable. There are two parent units and one baby unit. They also provide the batteries. So you can get started right away.

Overview of features

VTech DM221 Baby Monitor Review • VTech DM221 DM221

This baby monitor uses DECT 6.0 technology for crystal clear and safe transmissions. Without a Wi-Fi connection, outsiders can’t hack onto your device.

The parenting units have a backlit display. So you can read the screen even in the dark easily without turning on the light. This screen also has a 5-level visual sound indicator, making it simpler to decide how loud the sound transmitted is. You can also mute the sound, and use the indicator to determine how loud the noises are.

In this model, Vtech gives us 2-way talk-back communication feature. So, you can talk or sing or tell a story to your baby from your bedroom. With two parenting units, it’s easier to split the parenting responsibility.

Vtech DM221 also comes with a hands-free belt clip to make it easier for you to monitor you at all times.

This monitor comes with a night light option to help your baby more comfortable.

Vtech also promises a battery life of up to 18 hours.

DM221 transmission range is 1000 ft. and 150 ft. indoors.

You will get a warning if you go too far from your baby, or when the battery is low. If you mute the volume, you can get a vibrating alarm instead of sound.

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Of course, the Vtech DM221 also comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Use manual

If you want to see the inside of the box or want instructions on using it, watching this YouTube tutorial:

VTech DM221 Alternative

If you need a video option, the Peteme Baby Monitor is a different option that does include video. This model is one of the cheapest options with excellent video quality, night vision, and a two-way audio feature.


The Vtech DM221 baby monitor is an outstanding choice for parents those looking for a simple, affordable, and easy to use model. This monitor is not the best option for a tech-enthusiast, but for someone wanting a good reliable choice, it can be the best choice.

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