How to Wash a Baby’s Face

Unlike us, infants do not need to bath every day. According to the AAP, during the first year of life, your baby only needs to bathing three times a week.

Infant’s skin may be dry if you are bathing her more than three times a week. However, you need to clean your baby’s face and diaper area every day.

If your baby has acne skin, you should wash her face more often.

Wash Baby’s Face – Step by Step


It would help if you had a soft washcloth, Facial cleanser for babies (if she has a skin condition), and warm water.

How to Wash a Baby’s Face

Gently wipe your baby’s forehead first.

Blandly wipe your infant’s eyes from the inside edge, near his nose, to the outside edge. Avoid getting water on your baby’s eyes.

Then, you can clean her nose, cheeks, and chin gently.

Remember, do not scrub your baby’s delicate skin. If your baby has some dry matter around mouth, nose, or eyes, pat them with the washcloth to soften it, and gently wipe it away.

Lift her’s chin tenderly and wash her neck. The neck often gets dirty because of babies drool, spit, or eat. The folds of skin in this area can become irritated if you are not washing regularly.

You should then wash behind her ears and clean the outer edge of the ears with the washcloth.

Never put anything into your baby’s ear canal to remove earwax, not even your finger, or a cotton swab. This action could cause an earwax blockage or even harm her eardrum. The only thing she needs is to wipe the outer part of her ear to remove any earwax as required.

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When you bath your baby, wash her face first before the washcloth comes in contact with his body’s dirtier areas.


Ensure the washcloth is at the right temperature before wash your baby’s face.

Never leave your baby unattended for any time in any water amount.

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